About me

Hello everyone, how nice of you to visit my blog. I’m Ilse, I’m left-handed, and since the proverb “have 2 left hands” is not true for me, my motto is:

I have 2 left hands, but are left-handed.

In my daily life I am a product designer of plastic packaging, but in my spare time I often work on even more creative projects.

Since the birth of our daughter, I have crocheted more and more, and also designing my own patterns. This gave rise to the idea to start this blog, to share all these patterns with the rest of the world. The patterns are in Dutch and English on Ravelry.

In addition to crocheting, I am also often busy with all kinds of other creative things such as knitting, sewing, drawing, cooking / baking and also 3D printing. Eventually blogs will appear on all topics, although the majority will probably consist of crochet patterns.

You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and ofcourse Ravelry. I also regularly share work-in-progress photos via Instagram.

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